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What are eyelash extensions?

Xtreme Lashes™ eyelash extensions are not your traditional fake lashes—they are semi-permanent individual lashes. The lashes are applied individually at the base of your natural eyelashes for a NATURAL look and feel.

Each synthetic eyelash extension is shaped and polished to replicate the natural eyelash. The base of the eyelash is thicker than the tip and the lash is curled using the latest J-Curl or C-curl technology eliminating the need for an eyelash curler. 

I offer many different options in terms of thickness, length, curl type and color of the lash. I take the time to consult with you and then customize your lashes to your desire, taking into considersation the brow and eye shape.

The process is very relaxing and most of my clients fall asleep.

How long do eyelash extensions last?

Lashes last up to two months with a single application, but will last indefinitely with touch-ups. We naturally loose one-third of our lashes every two weeks. I recommend a touch up every two to four weeks. Touch up are need to replace lashes naturally lost. I will also remove extensions that have grown out and replace those as well. This process takes about an hour and fifiteen minutes

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